CD/DVD Replication & Duplication

Microview can help with any volume CD production. We offer an efficient and versatile CD/DVD service that links seamlessly with packaging and fulfilment stages.

We are committed to providing high quality service, products and intellectual property protection.

We can replicate and duplicate the following formats:

  • Audio CD
  • Multimedia CD-ROM
  • Mini CD (8cm diameter)
  • Bizcard CD-ROM
  • DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18
  • DVD single (8 cm diameter)

Duplication vs Replication


Starting with blank recordable discs, your discs are Duplicated by “burning” your data onto them.

  • Ideal for short runs
  • Fastest turnaround
  • Some drives cannot read recordable media


Starting with a glass master, your discs are Replicated by “stamping” your data into molten plastic as they are molded.

  • Ideal for large runs
  • Longer turnaround than Duplication
  • Compatible with all drives
  • Screen printing (or offset litho) is the industry standard for resilient disc artwork.
  • (thermal print doesn’t smudge)

Do you want to duplicate in-house?

Automated Duplication Systems

Microview is the Australian and NZ distributor of Microtech systems. Service and Sales of the product is handled at our head office in Sydney.

Microtech’s innovative, fully automated CD and DVD disc publishing and duplication systems are as good as it gets.

The equipment is built to last, using the latest hardware technology and industrial grade robotics. Microtech now offers a full line of disc libraries for all your archival storage needs. For more details, contact Microview or go to the Microtech web site.

If you are thinking about a reliable duplication and printing system, then make certain that you look at the Microtech complete turnkey systems. With unparalleled quality, durability and value for money, these are without equal in its segment.