CD/DVD Printing

CD and DVD has become the industry standard for the distribution of digital information. With its unmatched cost per megabyte of storage and the fact that almost all computer users have access to a CD drive, its future popularity is assured.

>> Benefits of custom printed CD and DVD media are:

  • Improved mind share
    Your CD professionally printed with your logo will enhance your corporate identity.
  • Keep track of change
    The customised CD can be overprinted direct to the disc to show changes to editions and versions. This is especially useful when there are constant changes and revisions.
  • Keep track of users
    We can provide individually printed serial numbers on each CD, which can then be allocated to individual users.

Thermal Print

Black print Professional presentation at a budget price.


The quality look of 3-colour printing at an affordable price.

Custom Screen-printed Blank Media

Up to 5-colour print that lets you customise individual CD, DVD and Mini CDs.

Photo Realistic Print

Bright colours and a modern graphic look.

Screen Print

Make your disks stand out over others. High quality printing up to 5-colour.

Offset Print

Premium quality full colour printing that really makes an impression. For large print runs.