CD/DVD Creation-to-Mailout Service

Let Microview take care of nearly every aspect of your next CD/DVD deliverable.

We can..

  • Create your content
  • Duplicate/replicate/print/package/customise any number of units
  • Manage the mail-out to your customers

One phone call to us and your next project is as good as complete. We call it ‘Digital Fulfilment’; you’ll call it ‘Easy’.

A combination of clever packaging and processing will ensure that your product reaches your intended target efficiently and provide outstanding results.

Where is digital fulfilment effective?

  • Survey Response CDs
  • Mini CD direct mailers
  • Biz card direct mailers
  • Annual Report CDs
  • Subscription Mailers
  • Mail/ Web order catalogues
  • Gift Certificate CDs
  • Training updates